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The Dollar Photo Club closure is fast approaching. It is closing its doors for new and current members – for good. Thus, you should not waste any time and find your next primary stock image source. The actual closure of the website is on April 15, 2016. This means you have less than a month to find a better Dollar Photo Club alternative. Fortunately, the stock photo website provides you with a couple of choices. Let us help you make the best decision.

With the Dollar Photo Club closing, you can make two choices: 1) transfer to Adobe Stock or 2) look for a better alternative. By moving your account to Adobe Stock, you can get your remaining downloads. You can also enjoy a special discount on the image costs and subscription plans. However, these promotions are only available to its active members and are only offered for the first year. After one year, all subscriptions will return to their regular rates which can be a little expensive if you are on a tight budget.

On the other hand, the closure gives you the opportunity to find a better alternative. Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club provides its newest members with premium quality images for very low prices. Whether you are a member of the Dollar Photo Club or not, you get an equal special offer of 200 XXL images for $99 per year. If you need more images, you can also purchase and download additional assets for only $0.99 each. The subscription is a one-time fee without auto-renew compulsions. So, you might want to take up this limited offer.

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99 Club is the Dollar Photo Club alternative that fits any budget and creative needs. It has over 4 million high quality stock images, vectors and premium fonts in its collection, with 60,000 to 80,000 new images added every month. All creative assets are available in high resolution and royalty-free license, so you can incorporate them in any creative project for as long as you like. There is no monthly download limit so you can download images whenever you like – even all in one day!

99 Club is the Dollar Photo Club alternative that is perfect for DPC expired members. It offers fairly the same kind of product and a bit more. You can download 200 images of any size for only $99 a year – which is twice the number of downloads you can get from the DPC. It also offers additional images for only $0.99 per image – which is a little less than what the stock site offers. Moreover, Stock Photo Secrets’ stock image site does not auto-renew your subscription and will be around for a very long time.

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